Only a couple of months to go!

October 16 2011

The Aussie ski season has come and gone without too much to get excited about.  More like a prolonged spring than a real winter. There was plenty of good weather and lots of fun turns to be had but after the great start we were expecting a bit more from it.  If you are keen, there is still plenty of snow on the main range but for me it’s time to squeeze in as much climbing and surfing as possible before heading over to Gulmarg to get my fix of face shots.

There are still a few spots available on the early and late season  trips. My personal favourite times to be in Gulmarg. Although crowds are rarely a problem, outside of peak season, the visitor numbers are reduced dramatically so you get many more laps staright off the gondola before having to search a little for fresh lines.

Also, the new chairlift is ready to spin as soon as we have snow on  the ground.  This will open up some great options on days where the upper gondola is closed due to high wind, poor visability or heavy snowfall.  Excitng times ahead.

Have a fun summer or winter, whichever is coming your way.

Cheers, Bill.

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