First snow of the season

October 17 2012

Now the Aussie season has finished and the first snow has fallen in Gulmarg I thought it was time for a blog.  Sorry, too busy skiing, patrolling, and socializing to keep up with social media during the winter.  An après beer after an epic powder day or go home to tap away on the computer?

Of the 25 seasons I have done at Mt Hotham, this past season was close to the best all round.  We have had winters with more powder days and a bigger base but they were usually late starters or had wet soggy springs.  This year we had a good cover right from the start, consistent storms, good weather between the storms and good cover at the end.  Lots of great days, a handful of epic ones, and very few totally crap ones.  The powder pigs and the fair weather skiers were all happy.  As were the bean counters in the resorts, with visitor numbers breaking records.  A much needed boost to the industry considering the doom and gloom forecasts for the future of the Aussie winters. Make the most of it while we have it.  There will be skiing well into November on the main range if you’re keen for a hike.

The first snow for the season has fallen in Gulmarg.  Not a huge dump but the upper mountain is looking white.  I will keep track of the storms over the next 3 months and update the Blog whenever we get something significant.

The Feb 3 departure is fully booked but there are still places available on the other peak season trips. (Jan 20 & Feb 17). We have just had a couple of late cancellations so there are a few spots up for grabs. Book as a group of four for a super deal.

Only ten weeks until the official start of the Gulmarg winter.  Enjoy whichever season is coming your way

Cheers, Bill.

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