Early season bliss

January 14 2013

Greetings from another powder day in Gulmarg.

For the second year in a row, early January has delivered the goods.  A couple of average days after I arrived on the 6th and since then we have had quality fresh tracks.  A couple of 20 cm top ups during the week have given all 30 or so people here an awesome week of powder in the alpine and the trees.  There is enough base for all areas to be skiable and it looks like a monster storm coming through later in the week to consolidate what has been an great start to the season.

The plan is for an update at least once a week on the blog, and we hope to post photos on our Facebok page daily. Sometimes powder skiing, apres drinks, power outages and other excuses may delay them, but we are endevouring to be a bit more on top of it than previous years.

Stay tuned.

Cheers, Bill.

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