Hotham Snow Report, 20 August 2014

August 20 2014

A clear sky and light wind from the northwest. The temp is a mild .1 degree but the humidity is very low so the snowguns are blazing and have been pumping it out most of the night.

After a couple of damp hours yesterday morning the cloud started breaking up and it turned out to be a really fun day on the hill with great spring like snow conditions. By the time the lifts closed the snow had started to set up and we have had a really solid freeze overnight, so stick to the snowmaking runs first thing, then follow the sun.

The east and north facing slopes will soften first while south facing aspects will probably stay pretty firm all day.

Sadly, the Blue Ribbon lift closed yesterday due to the damage caused by the extended run of sun and then moisture.

Looks like we are now in for a great run of good weather and great spring snow.

Slap it on Mel!


Cheers Bill.

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