Hotham Snow Report, 19 August 2014

August 19 2014

Well….the fine wet moisture has continued through the night and it looks like another pretty damp morning out there.

There has only been 16 mm of rain since 9 am yesterday, so although the base has suffered a little, the majority of areas should have held up really well. Blue Ribbon really had some love over the weekend with lots of people sheltering from the wind and fog down there, but that traffic combined with this moisture and the old girl is on her last legs. The wind is still out of the southeast but has eased a little today.

Other good news for the day is that you will not have to put chains on, and I do not expect very long lift queues this morning. The groomers will be great easy carving first thing so don’t let a little moisture put you off, put on the glad bags and get out there for a few turns anyway.

You might be surprise how good rain affected snow can be to ski.

Cheers Bill.

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