Hotham Snow Report 11-09-2014

September 11 2014

A bit cloudy and windy this morning.

We had another mil or two of rain overnight but the temperature has dropped and is hovering around zero, so we may see a few snow showers as forecast.

Don’t let a less than perfect day put you off, as the snow should be pretty good from first thing this morning.

The resort held up pretty well to Tuesday’s deluge. Some runs got close to washed out, and there are brown patches here and there, but there is still great skiing to be had for everyone. The Extreme area closed yesterday due to the open creeks after the rain, but Heavenly Valley is still in decent condition with plenty of good options both on and off the piste. The Drift also closed but the Summit, Road Runner and Big D are all still in good shape.

It looks like a weekend of perfect weather and great spring snow conditions on the way so make the most of it.


Cheers Bill.

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