Equipment required for Gulmarg skiing and snowboarding


At Bill’s Trips we believe to experience the best of Gulmarg you need the right guides, the right attitude and the right equipment.

While untracked snow in the main gondola bowls is on offer for a few days after each storm, with some local knowledge, the correct equipment and a small amount of effort, it is possible to ride fresh lines for weeks after the last snowfall.

The upper gondola is normally closed during adverse weather conditions (big snowfalls or high winds) and on occasions, all lifts may be closed due to extremely strong wind, power failure or other factors (sometimes unknown).

To make the most of your time in Gulmarg it is necessary for all participants to have ski / snowboard touring equipment. This enables you to ride fresh untracked snow on the days the upper and/or lower gondola is closed and also allows easy access to areas of the mountain unreachable to many others.

If you hear stories of people being disillusioned with a Gulmarg trip due to lift operations or weather conditions, ask them if they had touring equipment.  Chances are they were left standing at the lift station or back in their hotel waiting for the weather to clear while we were riding powder.

You do not need to have any previous ski / snowboard touring experience as Gulmarg is the ideal location to learn. The access and returns from our favourite lines are usually flat or easy angled terrain which is perfect for learning to use the equipment, and physically not much harder than the skiing or boarding itself.  Our guides will instruct you in the use of the specialised equipment and pass on backcountry travel techniques. Although there are options to do longer more demanding hikes, most approaches / returns take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Participants must at all times wear an avalanche transceiver and carry an avalanche safety kit (pack, shovel and probe).  Avalanche Airbags are strongly recommended.

Bill’s Trips can organise the purchase or hire of the required equipment.

K2, Marker, Tecnica and Bollé have been Bill’s personal sponsors for over 20 years and as a show of their support for Bill’s Trips, are offering all of Bill’s guests fantastic deals on a wide range of equipment.  Contact Bill for more information and prices.


– Wide skis with touring or telemark bindings (skis at least 110 mm or wider under foot are optimum)
– Climbing skins


– Splitboard with skins  (We have a limited supply of rental splitboards).
– Collapsible poles

NB.  We do have snowshoes available for groups of 4, however, due to the difficulty of  touring effectively, we cannot place snowshoers with a group of splitboarders or skiers.

All participants

– 20-35 litre pack with ski or snowboard carrying capabilities (Airbag packs are strongly recommended)
– Avalanche transceiver
– Shovel
– Probe

A comprehensive equipment list will be forwarded to all participants once a booking has been confirmed. To make an application, complete our Expression of Interest form.

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