Trip Overview


At Bill’s Trips we want you to experience the best of Gulmarg. That’s why we stay at the best hotel, have a low client to guide ratio and limit our numbers.

We stay at the grand Highlands Park Hotel which sits in a majestic position on the Gulmarg plateau with uninterrupted views of all the terrain accessed by the “World’s Highest Gondola”.

Our highly qualified experienced guides structure each day around your specific needs.

Each morning we assess the weather, avalanche and snow conditions and present you with the best available options for the day.

Our focus is on finding and riding the best untracked snow possible using all the resources we have available to us.

When the snow is fresh, we cut laps straight off the Gondola or chairlift, other days we utilize taxis to return us to the village after skiing the trees off the Gulmarg plateau, and we often put on skins for a short hike to access or return from our favourite runs.

The choice is yours, ski the trees, explore the upper mountain, drop off the plateau to outlying villages, or partake in formal avalanche awareness and back-country skills training. With a client to guide ratio of 4 to 1 we are able to group together guests with a similar skill level, equipment choice and daily objectives.

If / when your rest day arrives you can walk to the markets to shop for local handicrafts and soak up the atmosphere or simply relax at the Highland Park and take in the views.

Breakfast is served in the Highlands Park restaurant where you can savor your meal while eyeing off the untracked lines, then at the end of the day, ski through the trees to the back gate, enjoy an Après beer in the lounge and check out your tracks.

Kashmiri and western style banquets are served each night with great style and laughs in the hotel restaurant while we relive the day’s adventures.

No trip to Kashmir is complete without a stay on one of Dal lakes famous houseboats and checking out the vibrant city of Srinagar .  At the end of your final day on the mountain we head to one of Bill’s close friend’s houseboats to relax and enjoy the hospitality.  Finish off your adventure with a city tour taking in  the sights, sounds and smells, shop for rugs, pashminas and handicrafts and end the day with a relaxing shikara cruise on Dal Lake.

A trip to Gulmarg is way more than just the skiing or boarding.  To immerse yourself in such a unique culture and have the oportunity to get to know and laugh with the locals is reason enough for a Kashmir adventure.

We offer a safe, personalised and unforgettable Gulmarg Experience.

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