Hotham Snow Report 24-09-2014

September 24 2014

A pretty impressive sky this morning with dark clouds rolling in and a bright red horizon to the east.

Whats less impressive is watching the snow cover dwindle by the hour over the last few days with the warm temps and yesterdays warm wind. We still have enough snow to be able to groom Imagine, Snake Gully, Sun Run, The Village Loop, Summit and Big D, but there are lots of thin areas and brown patches opening up around the place.

Todays forecast rain won’t help matters but I expect we will maintain enough snow to get us through to the official closing day on Sunday.

It may not be perfect cover, but the weather is looking good for the weekend and there should be enough snow for some decent turns. Come up and get your last turns in for the winter before retiring to watch the footy with your old mates.

Not raining out there yet, so the first few laps will be good this morning if you beat the approaching green blob.



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