Monthly Archive: September 2014

September 28 2014

Hotham Snow Report

Not a bad day to finish on. The sky is mainly clear and there is a stiff northwesterly blowing. It did not really freeze overnight so the groomed runs will be great first thing while all aspects off piste should stay good all day. Its all looking a bit brown and patchy but there are…

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September 27 2014

Hothan Snow Report 27-09-2014

Looks like a ripper of a day to go out for a few turns this morning before retiring to watch the footy this afternoon. Sunny with a light southeasterly and we have had a decent freeze overnight. It will soften pretty quickly but we will have another day of great spring snow conditions, and enough…

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September 26 2014

Hotham Snow Report 26-09-2014

Yesterdays morning rain and muck cleared out by lunchtime to leave us with a pretty decent afternoon. This morning there is a little high and low cloud around but it does not look threatening at all, and it should be a pretty nice day. Heavenly Valley, the Village Loop, Road Runner, The Summit and Big…

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September 25 2014

Hotham Snow Report 25-09-2014

Well. We have had 20 mm of rain overnight and it is still raining now with a strong south-easterly blowing. There is a thick fog in the village so I cannot tell what damage has been done to the hill but I expect some areas will not have held up too well while others will…

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September 24 2014

Hotham Snow Report 24-09-2014

A pretty impressive sky this morning with dark clouds rolling in and a bright red horizon to the east. Whats less impressive is watching the snow cover dwindle by the hour over the last few days with the warm temps and yesterdays warm wind. We still have enough snow to be able to groom Imagine,…

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September 23 2014

Hotham Snow Report 23-09-2014

Another beaut sunny day, although the wind has increased and there is a moderate northwesterly blowing. The temp is a mild 3.9 degrees and we are heading for a blistering top of 11 degrees. The snow has set up a little but it is not the solid freeze that we have had of late so…

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September 21 2014

Hotham Snow Report 21-09-2014

  Ground Hog Day. Just another perfet spring day with a clear sky, no wind and softening snow. . Get into it. Cheers Bill.

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September 20 2014

Hotham Snow Report 20-09-2014

A light fog in the village this morning but I expect it will burn off as soon as the day warms a little. Should be a mostly sunny day with light winds and good spring snow conditions. Looks like being perfect for the next few days also so make the most of it before its…

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September 19 2014


The sky has cleared and it looks like we are now back into classic spring conditions. We had a few centimeters of snow the night before last and the turns were smooth yesterday morning as it had mixed in really well with the base. The snow also patched a few of the holes around the…

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September 18 2014

Hotham Snow Report 18-09-2014

Back to winter for a couple of days. We have had a few centimeters of snow with a moderate southwesterly and the place is looking white again. It is a cold minus 4.6 with a wind chill of minus 12. The dusting of snow and good freeze will help maintain us until the official end…

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