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April 28 2018

April 2018 Newsletter

Greetings. I hope you scored your share of great turns wherever you made them during this past northern winter. We had an incredible trip to Antarctica in November, and I have just recently returned from my 12th winter in Kashmir.  Very different destinations, yet both are incredibly unique and absolutely amazing for many reasons, and…

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December 16 2017

Just Released – ‘A Taste of Gulmarg’

For those who are pressed for time, we can custom a trip with all of the same inclusions and benefits as ‘The Best of Gulmarg’, but you decide the length of stay that suits you best.  Contact us with your preferred dates and we will send you a quote that reflects your ideal trip length.

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May 18 2016

May 2016 News

Greetings. I hope you scored your share of great powder turns this past northern winter. Those who visited Gulmarg with us certainly had their quota of awesome tree skiing, and plenty of superb days in the high alpine bowls…….not to mention a close encounter with a snow leopard, and all the other unforgettable experiences throughout…

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March 3 2016

It was a Snow Leopard!

In the post below I stated that we did not think it was a Snow Leopard due to its colour.  We were wrong!  Local experts and the senior biologist from National Geographic have studied the footage and have confirmed that it actually was a real deal Snow Leopard, and not another big mountain cat.  Makes the experience all the more special,…

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February 14 2016

The Real Leopard Story.

The fact twisting and media sensation of the leopard encounter has gotten a little out of control.  So here is the real story. One of our ski guides (David Marchi) was leading a group of guests down a popular nearby backcountry tree run ‘Monkey Hill’ on the Gulmarg plateau. David was very surprised when he…

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November 30 2015

Winter is on the way!

As the 2016 season draws closer, the last few weeks have delivered substantial snowfall to Gulmarg. The base is much bigger than usual for this time of the year so hopefully this is a sign of a bumper winter on the way. Our February trips were full however due to a couple of late cancellations…

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May 7 2015

Gulmarg wrap-up 2015

Greetings. I hope you scored your share of good powder turns this past northern winter. As with many parts of the northern hemisphere this season, Gulmarg had a less than perfect January, but as soon as February hit, we skied great quality untracked powder nearly every day until we left in early March. Many locals…

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April 5 2015

2016 Dates and Prices

The 2016 Dates and Prices have been released and we are now open for bookings.  Get in quick to secure your preferred dates as we have many returning guests that are filling many of the spots. I hope you scored your share of powder turns over the northern hemisphere winter.  After a slower than normal…

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September 20 2014

Hotham Snow Report 20-09-2014

A light fog in the village this morning but I expect it will burn off as soon as the day warms a little. Should be a mostly sunny day with light winds and good spring snow conditions. Looks like being perfect for the next few days also so make the most of it before its…

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September 15 2014

Hothand Snow Report 15-09-2014

Clear above at the moment but I can see a few high clouds out to the west, and the forecast is calling for the chance of light rain at some point. Another solid freeze overnight so we will have another day of great spring snow conditions. Enjoy. Cheers Bill.

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