Gulmarg Snow Report 19-1-15

January 19 2015

Welcome to the first Gulmarg Snow report for the season.  I aim to give a report each morning (yes todays was late) however internet connection often has morning sickness and can be a little slow to post it before heading out the door.   I will give the total snow depth and the amount of fresh in the 24 hr period, the current weather and maybe a bit of a blurb on the skiing the day before.

Unfortunately todays report is not too glowing however the forecast is looking decent for a solid event in a couple of days time which could transform the mountian.  At present we have no snow on the ground at our weather plot at the Highland Park Hotel.  There is snow in shaded areas on the plateau and in the trees below the mid station however there is not enough to ski on.  In the alpine, all the bowls are white with approximately 50 cm on the ground although it is mostly unskiable due to the exposed (and just buried) rocks.  In saying this, there are some places where you can get some good turns if you are ok with travelling through some horrid areas to get there and back, and I believe Kashmir Heli has found some clean lines in the high alpine.  It has been great weather for hiking and acclimatising while we wait.  Stand by for a better report soon.

Total Depth – 0

Fresh Snow – 0

Sunny, light winds.

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