February 11 2019

The season so far.

Significant early snow graced the mountains in November and December to give us the best January base in many years.  This has been followed up by consistent moderate to heavy falls since mid-January and the forecast hints that the storms are going to continue for the short term at least.

The Snow Plot.

Our Snow Plot at the Highland Park Hotel sits at 2,700 metres so the amount of fresh snow recorded in the Gulmarg basin is only an indication of what has fallen on the upper mountain.  The higher elevation and exposure to wind can sometimes triple the amount that we record in the village.  And the base depth recorded at the hotel can also be roughly tripled as you move up the mountain to 4,000 metres.

Thursday Feb 11 – Snow Report

24 hours – 0 cm

Base Depth – 166 cm

The Weather – Mostly fine with a few scattered high clouds this morning.

The Skiing – The upper gondola opened on Saturday morning once the storm cleared on Friday and there has been some great turns in the alpine bowls over the weekend.  Some areas are wind buffed but there are many areas and aspects with really good dry snow to be found.

The Forecast – Mainly fine today and tomorrow with some snow coming over the following few days.

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