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February 2 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 2-2-2015

Hi All Sorry, I have been pretty slack with posting reports of late.  We have had morning internet issues and there has not been a great deal of good news to post until now. After a slow start it looks like the season is really kicking off.  We had 46 cm in the village last…

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January 26 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 26-01-2015

A dusting last night but the sun is shining again this morning. Yesterday saw the upper gondola open for the first time since the last snow and there were some great turns to be had up there.  Will try to upload a photo or two when the internet speed picks up?? Although the tide is low…

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January 23 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 23-01-2015

1 cm in the last 24 hrs, and a total depth at our snow plot in the village of 30 cm (due to the settlement from yesterday). Although it does not sound like much, there has been considerably more blown into the trees (and building a base) while there will be plenty more on the upper mountain.  The patrol…

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January 22 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 22-01-2015

41 cm in the village overnight with the odd flurry still coming through.  I expect there would be a similar amount at the mid station snow stake, but considerably more anywhere that was wind loaded.  The upper mountain is obscured at the moment but it must be starting to shape up ok.  I should get…

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January 22 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 21-1-15

Cloudy this morning with a bit of wind and some light snow up high.  The wind picked up this afternoon and it has started snowing in the village.  Approximately 5 cm has fallen in the village in the last couple of hours and it is snowing steadily now.  Fingers crossed for decent accumulation overnight.  Stay tuned. Cheers Bill.

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January 20 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 20-1-2015

Clear sky and light winds with a bit of cirrus cloud coming through, and there is the look of something brewing over the back of the mountain. No snow on our plot but hopefully this will have changed in a decent way by Thursday morning. We are spending the day doing snow profiles in the alpine region before the new snow arrives….

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January 19 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report 19-1-15

Welcome to the first Gulmarg Snow report for the season.  I aim to give a report each morning (yes todays was late) however internet connection often has morning sickness and can be a little slow to post it before heading out the door.   I will give the total snow depth and the amount of fresh in…

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January 18 2015

Gulmarg Snow Report

We will be posting daily snow reports from Gulmarg each morning starting tomorrow.  (Internet connection dependant as we often lose it during the big storms)  Stay tuned! Cheers Bill.

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September 28 2014

Hotham Snow Report

Not a bad day to finish on. The sky is mainly clear and there is a stiff northwesterly blowing. It did not really freeze overnight so the groomed runs will be great first thing while all aspects off piste should stay good all day. Its all looking a bit brown and patchy but there are…

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September 27 2014

Hothan Snow Report 27-09-2014

Looks like a ripper of a day to go out for a few turns this morning before retiring to watch the footy this afternoon. Sunny with a light southeasterly and we have had a decent freeze overnight. It will soften pretty quickly but we will have another day of great spring snow conditions, and enough…

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