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September 17 2014

Hotham Snow Report 17-09-2014

A reasonably strong northwesterly and some high and low cloud moving in. There are a few more brown patches out there again this morning due to the warm winds of yesterday and a couple of mm of rain overnight. The forecast is calling for a few cms of snow today and then moving back into…

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September 16 2014

Hotham Snow Report 16-09-2014

We had a couple of mm of rain yesterday afternoon but that seems to have cleared out for now with just a few high clouds hanging around. The temp is a very mild 4 degrees and there is a warm northerly blowing. We did not get a freeze overnight but it has set up a…

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September 15 2014

Hothand Snow Report 15-09-2014

Clear above at the moment but I can see a few high clouds out to the west, and the forecast is calling for the chance of light rain at some point. Another solid freeze overnight so we will have another day of great spring snow conditions. Enjoy. Cheers Bill.

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September 14 2014

Hotham Snow Report

Ditto. Just another perfect spring day. Sunny, light winds and softening snow. Slip Slop Slap. Enjoy. Cheers Bill

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September 13 2014

Hotham Snow Report 13-09-2014

Another perfect spring day with not a cloud in the sky and a light northerly blowing. It is┬ájust below zero but the snow has set up overnight, so will be firm first up and then soften quickly throughout the morning. The groomers did a great patch up job a couple of nights ago, and some…

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September 12 2014

Hotham Snow Report 12-09-2014

Yesterday’s muck has cleared and it looks like we are in for another spell of great spring days with clear skies and light winds. We have had a solid freeze overnight so it will be rock hard first thing and soften throughout the morning. Enjoy. Cheers Bill.

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September 11 2014

Hotham Snow Report 11-09-2014

A bit cloudy and windy this morning. We had another mil or two of rain overnight but the temperature has dropped and is hovering around zero, so we may see a few snow showers as forecast. Don’t let a less than perfect day put you off, as the snow should be pretty good from first…

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September 10 2014


Well, what an amazing 24hrs. Steady rain yesterday turned torrential during the early evening, and finished off with a sensational electrical storm and some sloppy snow. In total we copped about 80 mm of rain so I am very impressed with what I can see out the window this morning. There has definitely been some…

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September 9 2014

Hotham Snow Report 09/09/2014

Well, it looks like we are in for a very very special day on the mountain. The wind is gusting over a hundred kph and it looks like a good deal of rain is headed our way. This may be the day of the season for indoor activities. There will very likely be wind hold…

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September 8 2014

Hotham Snow Reoprt 08/09/2014

A little high cloud, a red horizon to the east, and a strong northerly wind this morning. All of that signifies the approaching weather of tomorrow, but we should have a mostly sunny day and great skiing again today. The snow should soften pretty quickly this morning so make the most of it. Enjoy. Cheers…

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